About Us

We are a small family run business with 52 acres to work with. Greg does the main day to day work assisted by Nel, our rescued German Shepherd, although help is often on hand from Sue, and the kids Tom, Charlotte and Matt.

Although Greg was raised on a farm he spent 20 years working in construction specialising in paving, but over the last few years he has dedicated more of his time to the farm, and so now it is his full time job. 

We are concentrating on producing high quality rare breed pork, lamb, free range eggs and home grown veg. 


With Chilli and Pepper our 2 Tamworth Sows, along with 4 Large Black Sows and Nitro the Large Black Boar we are rearing pigs that are ideal for outdoor rearing. They are hardy slow growing pigs with superior taste to rival the old days.

A small herd of Soay sheep attract alot of interest as many people think they are goats!! however they make very good lawn mowers.

We also rear some Dorset X Freisland sheep for meat sales these are also free range grass fed producing superb tasting meat. Along with a small herd of Dexter cattle producing top quality tasty meat.